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Postnuptial Agreement

Sunday, 19 April 2015
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Postnuptial agreement in Indonesia (so called "Postnup") is not something we see on everyday basis in family law practice. Nevertheless, postnup is legally recognized by the Indonesian law. It's not a back-dated prenup. It's a marital contract to separate assets signed on an actual date after your marriage. Just like a prenup, it separates your assets during the course of marriage and effectively valid since you've signed the contract. The good thing about having a postnup is it applicable retroactively to the property acquired before you sign the postnup. This is the ultimate legal solution for mixed-marriage couples who did not sign any prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage.

At Wijaya & Co, we handle postnup as part of our practice. We know how to deal with its legal issues, do's and don'ts and most of all how to make you stay in control of your assets in Indonesia without affected by the legal constraints anymore. Our Indonesian lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and the ability to protect your property acquired during the marriage, with a postnup.

Consider these reasons for hiring our firm to assist you in getting your Indonesian postnup:

  1. Full service legal assistance from scratch to finish;

  2. High-success ratio in previous cases we handled;

  3. Questionnaire is provided to give you the idea of what should your postnup should be;

Call us or email us to find out more of what we can do for you, or click here to read more to get the big picture.

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