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Marriage Legalization

Saturday, 04 March 2017
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Legalization of Moslem marriage in Indonesia is strictly governed by the Islamic Law for Moslem couples. This proceeding may only be carried-out under special and very limited conditions, among others, to legalize the previous performed Moslem marriage without any registration at the Moslem Marriage Registry (so called KUA/Kantor Urusan Agama).

You may also to conduct the legalization of Moslem marriage, if you meet one of the requirements, as follows:

  1. You need to get divorce, but you can't prove the legality of the marriage because you didn't receive any marriage book;
  2. You've lost your marriage book. The KUA will not issue another copy because each couple only entitles to a set of marriage book;
  3. You have any doubt regarding the legality of the marriage;
  4. The marriage took place before the 1974 Marriage Law enacted;
  5. To legalize the marriage of a couple with no legal impediment to marry, as governed by the 1974 Marriage Law. This is applicable when you're religiously married without any proper registration. No marriage book presented as proof of your marriage.  

This proceeding is very important when you're processing a probate case. The legalization of the Moslem marriage shall be used as a mirror order in any country where the probate is taking place.

Consider the following issues in order to establish the legality of the Moslem marriage  through a legal proceeding carried-out by our firm:

  1. Experienced family law attorneys;
  2. High success rates in previous similar cases handled by our attorneys that will also contribute to your success;
  3. Conclusive legal binding;
  4. World-wide legal recognition. The product of the proceeding may be used as a mirror order anytime anywhere in the world.

Call or email us to find out how you can move forward with the proceeding of the Moslem marriage legalization with the assistance of passionate family law practitioners in Indonesia.

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