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Foreign Marriage

Saturday, 04 March 2017
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If you're married outside of the Republic of Indonesia, and one of the spouses in the matrimony is an Indonesian, your marriage is not legal yet. Not until you conduct several proceedings afterward. The burden of conducting the proceeding lies on both spouses, regardless the nationality. It doesn't have to be the Indonesian who files the report for the foreign marriage. 

This has been imposed by several laws in Indonesia. So, it's a statutory requirement in order to make your marriage legally recognized in Indonesia. You see, the marriage is the basic foundation in your life. Without any legally-recognized marriage, anything comes afterward will not be legally recognized as well, such as the birth of a child, etc. It is the same as if no marriage at all. No marriage means no divorce. Children born in the marriage shall be categorized as out of wedlock. Claiming Indonesian citizenship for your child born before August 2006 will require a reporting of the foreign marriage in Indonesia, if you were married abroad. Furthermore, it will also take effect to the inheritance issues.

Consider the following highlights in order to make your foreign marriage  valid and legally recognized as well  in Indonesia with the assitance from our experienced Indonesian attorneys:

  1. Experienced Indonesian attorneys handling international documents;
  2. High success rates in previous similar cases handled by our attorneys that will also contribute to your success;
  3. Simple, legal, and hassle-free.

Call or email us in getting your marriage performed abroad legally valid  in Indonesia with the assistance of dedicated attorneys in the international civil law practice in Indonesia.

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