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Foreign Divorce

Sunday, 19 April 2015
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You and your spouse are foreigners. Your marriage was registered out side of Indonesia. The last couple of years, you have been residing in Indonesia due to work commitment. The court, where the marriage registered, or the one in your home country, rejected your divorce application since you are not meeting residency requirements. The marriage is now between you and your new life. You need to get it dissolved, and wondering what Indonesian legal system can do about it. The answer is, yes it can help you out.

Wijaya & Co has quite significant experience working with international clients in dissolving their marriage performed and registered outside of Indonesia. The Indonesian court  will first refer to the legal system in your home country. But when the court in your country declared that they don't have any jurisdiction over your divorce case, Indonesian court will take it as Re-appointment ("Renvoi"). The case may be heard and examine with the prevailing  procedures, laws, and regulation in Indonesia.

As you might be aware, the process for getting this proceeding done will take quite some time. You need to expect time frame from 8 (eight) to 12 (twelve) months. Also, expert witnesses must also be presented to take a stand at the court since the judges might not be familiar with similar case as this thing is not happening everyday. So, do not plan anything with your new life until the whole process completely finalized. Our Indonesian lawyers will establish a strong case to be brought to the court of law by gathering facts and information, and legal grounds with high ethical and professional standard. Each paragraph in your divorce petition written carefully to reflect your domestic particular situation. Legal grounds prudently hand-picked to present the case within the Indonesian court jurisdiction. Witnesses briefed to support the divorce petition and to help accomplish the mission. Evidence appropriately legalized to meet the statutory requirements in order to create conclusive legal binding force that will benefits your case.

At Wijaya & Co you can rest-assured that your marriage can be legally dissolved in accordance with Indonesia's international private law. Consider the following highlights for utilizing our firm's services:

  1. Experienced family law attorneys in Indonesia's international private law;
  2. Worldwide recognition with the help of the Hague Convention in consularization of divorce documents;
  3. Divorce questionnaire to gather facts and assemble information to organize your divorce case;
  4. Personal assistance during court proceedings.

Call or send us an email now to seek the possibility of dissolving your marriage in Indonesia, or if you want to find out more how we're doing it in Indonesia, please click here.

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