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Embassy Legalization

Saturday, 04 March 2017
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Embassy legalization or chain certifications in Indonesia can sometimes very frustrating. Indonesia is not a state-member of  the Hague Convention, then you will need an Embassy Legalization to make the public documents issued from Indonesia valid internationally. As a non-member of Hague Convention, the documents must full-fill certain requirements before the foreign embassy in Indonesia can legalize them.

Public documents issued by the Indonesian institutions and other immigration related documents require certifications or legalizations or authentications in order to be recognized internationally. The legalizations rules are different for different countries. Not all information is provided clearly and many regulations are different to other countries.

This conflicting information is not a personal attack on you. It's typical of government bereaucracy all over the world. The process usually complicated and, in many cases the lack of time or expertise causes you delays and valuable time is lost. We can only begin to imagine how you must be feeling with the delays and the conflicting information from all involved. This is very distressing for you.

Consider the following highlights in order to make your public documents valid internationally with the assitance from our experienced Indonesian attorneys:

  1. Experienced Indonesian attorneys handling international documents;
  2. Worldwide legal recognition;
  3. Simple, legal, and hassle-free.

Call or email us in getting your public documents valid internationally with the assistance of dedicated attorneys in the international civil law practice in Indonesia.

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