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Multiple Entry Business Visa

Thursday, 03 September 2009
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Business travelers who frequently visit Indonesia must consider a Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEB Visa). The visa is much more practial than the standard single entry business visa or even a Social Visit Visa.

Multiple entry visa is valid for several entries into Indonesia and is available only for business purposes for a maximum period of 1 (one) year without exceeding 60 (sixty) days each visit. Multiple entry visa is not a working visa and cannot be extended.

On entry to Indonesia you are given a stay permit for 2 (two) months. After this period, the permit can be extended for a month, twice, giving a total stay of 4 (four) months. At the end of the maximum 4 (four) month stay, you must exit the country.


  1. Visa application completed in full with 1 (one) recent passport-size photograph;
  2. Original valid passport for more than 18 (eighteen) months beyond the intended length of stay;
  3. Reference letter of sponsor from the sending company and a letter of invitation from the counterpart in Indonesia mentioning the purpose of visit;
  4. Copy of confirmed exit ticket and itinerary.

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